BEEC Inc provides comprehensive education consulting to students in America and abroad. Focused on concierge-level service to students, our team of consultants has rich experience successfully helping students plan and achieve their education and career goals. While many companies focus simply on student applications, our true service begins years before students apply, with our pre-application planning and mentoring. After successful admissions, we provide hands-on mentoring and counseling so students can smoothly adapt to their new environment and thrive both socially and academically. To help students build a foundation and overcome any hurdles they face, we offer various additional programs, such as Life Coaching and Leadership Training, developed by renowned industry leaders. Focusing beyond the walls of the classroom and quadrangles of the campus, we also provide in-depth professional counseling to our students. Through our wide professional network and background, we help students find the perfect internship and their dream job in America. With our mentor and guidance, students are able to unlock their hidden potential, and realize their life’s goals.


Beyond our team of education professionals, we offer students the full resources of our BEEC Advisory Board, which is made up of leading figures and renowned experts across many industries. Such outstanding industry experience and elite professional networking resources help guarantee the success of our long term planning strategies for students. We take responsibility and pride in acting as our students’ guide and mentor to help them to cross their personal, academic and professional bridges. Based on these factors, we are committed to, and guarantee that, every student receives substantive mentoring to maximize development.


We are proud of each of our students, with past successful admissions including: Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Vanderbilt University, Emory University, Carnegie Mellon University, UC—Berkeley, and many other top schools.


BEEC also offers consulting professional institutions and schools. We provide fully customized training programs in America to foreign government delegations and professional organizations. Such programs cover a wide array of industries, focusing on Silicon Valley and Wall Street locales. To international schools, we provide turnkey solutions for curriculum design and execution, as well as college counseling consulting. And to American schools, we help them establish, and maintain international student programs, in addition to college counseling consulting.