BEEC’s professional training programs are designed to give clients an introduction to, and capture the essence of, U.S. industry, focusing on some of the hottest economic epicenters in the U.S—from Silicon Valley and Wall Street, to Washington D.C. By focusing on industry leading techniques and cutting edge technologies and methods, our clients receive comprehensive professional support and new perspectives toward their respective field. Our team of professional trainers are handpicked, renowned leaders in U.S. academia and industry, covering various fields. In conjunction with our extensive professional network, we are able to provide customized trainings in U.S. governance, business, law, finance and technology.  Beyond providing critical experience and knowledge to our clients, we intend for each participant to enjoy a degree of personal development. Through our decades’ worth of planning and executing such professional training programs, we ensure a truly enriching, smooth and memorable experience.


BEEC has provided dedicated, multi-industry and long-term training to clients from Korea, Japan, China, the U.S., and many European countries. Institutions that we have provided service to include: Yonsei University, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korean National Cadre Group, Korea Daejeon New Ventures Mission, Japan's Fukushima University, officials from the Shandong province, officials from the Hunan province, officials from Wuhan, officials from Qingdao, the Taiwan Affairs Office, Silicon Valley Center of Operations and Technology Management, and German academics.


Program Curriculum: 
BEEC’s unique curriculum design has received high praise from our clients. As such, we are able to provide completely customized program curricula, or we may recommend our own program curriculum to suit any client’s needs. Our program curriculum contents include business, law, engineering, and the arts as well as many other industries.