At BEEC, we approach applying to an American school as a truly comprehensive and creative process. It is essential for students to show their strengths, well-rounded nature and also unique personal characteristics. Therefore we develop an individual ‘brand’ for each student, so that each application has a consistent theme that is reinforced by relevant extracurricular activities, essays and coursework. To deliver such an application requires experience, creativity, and the knowledge and resources of various academic majors and professional backgrounds. Our team is uniquely equipped to provide students with truly customized application planning and execution. We also make it a priority to match students to the school that truly fits their professional and academic goals, as well as their personality. A better rank is not always a better fit. Students can choose our five or ten school package. All students who choose our ten school package also are guaranteed acceptance into school. Application Consulting service is available beginning in the year in which the student is applying to school. Service contents below:


1. ‘Discovery’    
Consultant shall engage in a thorough interview with the student at the preliminary stage of service to better understand the student’s personality, interests, goals and dreams.


2. ‘Imaginable You’    
Consultant shall establish a future image of the student in written form, and provide evidences and direction for the student’s development.


3. Monthly Meeting    
Consultant shall meet at least once monthly for one hour with the student for a deep conversation, to understand the student’s current situation and consult on future development, including extracurricular advice, and any other necessary help.


4. Regular E-mail Communication    
Consultant shall expediently respond to email inquiries from the student, regarding any academic or related matters.


5. Application Essay and Supplement Guidance    
Consultant and Creative Specialist shall assist student to write and revise essays and related supplements for all schools applied to.


6. School Application Completion    
Application Specialist completes all application form materials for student, with full review by Consultant.


7. School List and Recommendations    
Consultant provides school list and recommendations for student based on comprehensive evaluation of student’s performance.


8. EA/ ED Consulting and Recommendations    
Consultant provides recommendations for potential Early Action (EA) and Early Decision(ED) applications.


9. Interview Training    
Consultant shall provide training related to school interviews to student.


10. American Culture and Social Skills Training    
Consultant provides American culture and social skills training for student’s smooth adaptation to life in America.


11. Visa Training    
Consultant provides training for visa interview process to student.


12. First Semester Mentor Consulting    
Consultant provides mentor consulting services to student until the completion of the first semester at student’s new school. Mentoring includes consultation on course selection, cultural and social training, as well as related academic matters.