Upon arrival to America, international students have to immediately adapt to new cultural and social norms, academic styles, and language barriers. The adaptation process requires a multi-faceted plan focusing on academics, but also strengthening of language and social skills. BEEC is uniquely equipped to help students assimilate to and succeed in their new environment through our Post-Admissions 1 to 1 Mentor Consulting Plan. This service is designed for students already in America. Our solutions for students include: 


Post-Admissions 1 to 1 Mentor Consulting Plan:

A school’s admission represents a new start, but also a new challenge. We deeply understand these problems, and to overcome this adaptation process we provide students with our Post-Admissions 1 to 1 Mentor Consulting Plan. With this service, each student receives their own personal Mentor, who focuses solely on their student’s long-term success. At the same time, we offer our students complete support through our team of Education Consultants and Affiliate Network of professionals, so that no matter what issues the student faces, they are prepared. Service contents can be seen below.


1. Yearly Club Level Service    

Students automatically receive our Yearly Club Level Service. Club Members have access to our hotline for professional advice regarding student-related questions. Members also receive one free consultation with each of our Affiliate Professional Network members, which covers daily life support services such as Visa counsel, housing issues, legal assistance and others.

2. Special Program Service 
Students receive two free consultations per year with our Special Program Lead Consultants, including Leadership Training, Life Coach Services, U.S. Internship Program and others.

3. Personality Test    
Consultant provides student with specialized personality test for adolescents. Results are evaluated by a psychologist and each student receives an individual report regarding personal characteristics and career orientation.

4. ‘Discovery’    
Consultant shall engage in a thorough interview with the student at the preliminary stage of service to better understand the student’s personality, interests, goals and dreams.

5. ‘Imaginable You’    
Consultant shall establish a future image of the student in written form, and provide evidences and direction for the student’s development.

6. 1 to 1 Mentor Meetings    
Consultant provides 50 hours/year of individual communication with student, acting as student’s American mentor. Through these meetings the Mentor will fully understand the student, and monitor and guide the student’s extracurricular development and provide all necessary help for the student.

7. Reading List    
Consultant provide student with a customized reading list to help student build English language skills and develop personal interests. The reading list can include books, magazine articles, movies and other media.

8. Monthly Reading Club    
Consultant organizes a monthly reading club for students for deeper discussion and understanding of English literature, and to improve student communication, writing skills, and joy of reading.

9. American Culture and Social Skills Training    
Consultant provides American culture and social skills training for student’s smooth adaptation to life in America.

10. Regular E-mail Communication    
Consultant shall respond expediently to email inquiries from the student, regarding any academic or related matters.

11. Monthly Report    
Consultant provides a monthly report to submit to student’s guardian regarding student’s performance and progress.

12. Monthly Essay    
Consultant provides student with an essay topic every month for completion to hone the student’s writing skills and ability for self-expression.

13.Curriculum Planning    
Consultant provides student with curriculum consulting to suit student’s interests and application strategy.

14. Extracurricular Plan Guidance    
Consultant provides a customized plan to guide the student’s extracurricular activities and development, based on the intended major and interests of student. This plan will be overseen for quarterly review by the team.

15. Standardized Test Plan    
Consultant shall provide scheduling advice and planning for all standardized tests relevant to student, including test prep course suggestions and plans. This plan will be overseen for quarterly review by the team.


Personal Development Program Services

Academic Advising: 
BEEC’s Academic Advising program is a core service, providing critical support to students to adapt and succeed in their new American school. Our Academic Advisors include leading university professors who guide students individually through every stage of their educational development, including training in the American academic system and the culture of the American classroom, choosing an ideal major, course selection, full curriculum planning, and maintaining good standing as an international student. Our Academic Advising program ensures that each students’ educational plans are well executed, and are aligned with their professional and life goals.


U.S. Internship Program: 
Each year we help students apply to and take part in internship programs exclusive to BEEC. Leveraging the resources of our U.S. Internship and Career Lead Consultant—a former Fortune 500 CEO and professional executive—as well as our Advisory Board and staffs in America and abroad, we help students at the high school, undergraduate and graduate school level gain valuable experience at some of America’s top companies. Our U.S. internship experience gives students a competitive edge as well as practical experience that is critical to future job qualifications and professional success.


Leadership Training: 
BEEC does not merely focus on testing and school admissions. We care deeply about students’ future development and building their strengths. Leadership is a foundation of personal and professional development, and we provide industry leading support to our students to build this critical quality. Our Leadership Training Lead Consultant, who is an experienced executive leadership trainer, has developed a system specifically for students to advance their leadership skills. Through our specialized training, students are better prepared to become leaders in their school, community and in the society.


Life Coach Service: 
BEEC’s Life Coach service supports students' psychological and physical well-being for personal growth, fulfillment, excellence and vitality. Focusing on scientific methods and tested practice, our service brings over twenty years of experience empowering clients, who cover three continents. Previous clients include professional athletes, actors, singers, students and young professionals. Our Life Coach service especially focuses on a comprehensive approach to nutrition, exercise, and empowerment so students can develop strategies and routines toward driving optimized academic performance and fulfillment. 


*The above services can be provided individually; please contact us for details