BEEC is proud of our past students for their admission achievements and professional careers. Below is a list of student results for undergraduate and master’s program admissions. (For high school admissions results, please contact us)


Application Results  /  Student Initials

Harvard University  /  C.J., M.W. and F.L.

Yale University  /  K.P. and MC.J.

Columbia University  /  J.C.

Stanford University  /  K.L. and S.H.

University of Chicago  /  J.L.

Duke University  /  YY.L., J.A. and S.W.

University  of Pennsylvania  /  S.H., ST.K. and RS. J.

Johns Hopkins University  /  M.Z.

Cornell University  /  K.F. and CK.J.

Vanderbilt University  /  B.Z.

Washington University in St Louis  /  Y.L., P.S. and W.T.

University of California—Berkeley  /  M.N.

Emory University  /  H.Z.

Georgetown University  /  S.W.

University of California—Los Angeles  /  A.Z. andWE.W.

University of Southern California  /  V.Z.

University of Virginia  /  P.C.

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor  /  Y.J. and N.S.

New York University  /  S.M.

Case Western Reserve University  /  S.W. and Y.W.

University of California—Santa Barbara  /  YL.W.

University of California—San Diego  /  S.P. and WZ.H.

Boston University  /  V.W. 

University of California—Davis  /  N.L.

University of Wisconsin—Madison  /  Y.W. and M. K.

Pennsylvania State University—University Park  /  SH.W. and N.L.

Pepperdine University  /  SY.H.

University of Texas—Austin  /  XY.H.

George Washington University  /  P.W.

University of Connecticut  /  WZ.Z.

University of Maryland—College Park  /  S.W. and HR.L.

University of Georgia  /  XY.L.

University of Pittsburgh  /  S.T. and Y.W.

University of Minnesota—Twin Cities  /  ZH.W.