Student Testimonials​ 

has proven to be absolutely invaluable throughout my entire college application process. My mentor always devotes all of his attention to the task at hand, whether it's compiling a college list, brainstorming for essay topics, or preparing for interviews. Furthermore, he truly understands the decision making process of admissions committees, and showed me how to present my best personal qualities through my supplemental essays. After drafting my essays, his highly experienced team of editors helped me to polish and perfect them. With the company’s brilliant guidance and advice, I managed to form a refined, cohesive application that got me admitted into several top-20 universities. I would not hesitate to recommend BEEC to anyone applying to college.  (A US student admitted to Washington University in St. Louis, Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech)


My BEEC mentor’s conversational abilities were especially impressive and the whole company was so helpful throughout my application preparation. Instead of teaching me how to write my essay, my consultant extracted information about me through easygoing conversation and taught me how to hone my voice and express my favorable personality traits, and seemed to know me better than I knew myself at times. My team’s intrapersonal knowledge shone throughout the whole process and made their advice not only valuable, but also immensely insightful and uniquely effective. (A US student admitted to Chicago, Duke, UC Berkeley and more)