No matter if you are in the midst of applying to school or simply pursuing the highest quality education, you must have the right plan. We all know you need the proper coursework, standardized tests and other hard factors. But even more important--and what may separate you from your goals--are much deeper soft factors like career direction, professional skills, communication, leadership and overall wellness. Thus, BEEC approaches every student with a comprehensive approach to personal growth and development for achieving real goals with the support of a team of consultants. In this way, you can rely on one trusted team of professionals for smoother service and better results.

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Parents often wish for their children to be "happy." So how do we effectively pursue this happiness? And how do we make sure a student can grow into him or herself to achieve true fulfillment? Happiness is simple in nature, but can be ephemeral or seemingly elusive. The World Heath Organization (WHO) proposes the concept of comprehensive Wellness, including dimensions such as Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Environmental factors. If we recognize this as an accurate definition of happiness and the ultimate goal for students we come into contact with, then we must cultivate total Wellness--not simply academic success and achievement. With this elevated and more meaningful pursuit of happiness at the core of our education philosophy, all of our services and interactions with students follow with a greater sense of purpose and dedication.

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BEEC is inspired by the great thinkers and researchers in the field of education, leadership research, Silicon Valley design thinking, and our own professional team's decades' worth of practical experience. Only through a broad range of considerations and experiences can we properly work with students to produce customized education and career plans. We support students not only to achieve short term study goals, but also to account for outside factors which may impact their true success in society.

Our starting point is modern leadership research theory. Much stress is consistently put on 'leadership' as a determinant of an individual's potential success and even life satisfaction and fulfillment. But leadership can take many forms. The father of leadership research and pioneer of organizational development theory, MIT and USC Professor Warren Bennis, defines the qualities required by leaders as follows: Guiding Vision, Passion, Integrity, Trust, Curiosity and Courage. Professor Wadhwa of Columbia, and UPenn's Professor Duckworth also talk about the effects of Self Control, Grit, Social Intelligence and Optimsim, on future success. These factors are wide-ranging and difficult to quantify, but are essential to all of our students' development. We firmly believe that our experience, background and professional network allows us to design the academic and professional plans that help our students truly achieve their goals.

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Based on our years of observation and communication with successful people, combined with our own successful experience, the comprehensive quality of BEEC includes: 

Guiding Vision





Professional Skills & Training


Social Intelligence

Self Control



Leadership Skills