our leadership team ensures that we deliver a world-class experience in student mentorship and consulting

BEEC Education Leadership Team Consists Of:

Chairman - Andy Y. Gu

Mr. Andy Y. Gu is a leading international legal professional, with a strong commitment to education. With years' experience providing legal counsel for companies going public, he is also a Visiting Professor at Renmin University of China Law School. He has mentored students and professionals across the world to advance their careers and spiritual selves.

He holds an LLM from SOAS, University of London, and an LLB from Peking University.

CEO - Dr. Ming Zhou

Dr. Ming Zhou is an expert in career planning, education advising and business consulting. Through a lifetime committed toward higher education, he has advised thousands of students and made their career and education goals come true.

He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and a B.A. from Peking University.

COO - Jonathan Ginsberg

With nearly a decade's experience consulting students around the world, Mr. Jonathan Ginsberg brings a wealth of knowledge and personalized care to every student he works with. Covering high school, undergraduate, and graduate applications, he has helped place students at Harvard, University of Chicago, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and many other top universities.

He holds a B.A. in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Director of Education - Peter Alexander

Mr. Alexander is a career educator with over two decades' experience teaching and tutoring students to perform their very best. Former UC Berkeley instructor, Stanford researcher and College Board contributor, Mr. Alexander is a leading authority on pedagogy and enhancing student performance.

He holds a Ph.D. (ABD), Masters and B.A. in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Director of Innovation - Michael Bruns

Michael Bruns combines passion for teaching with a vision for education where all students can achieve their potential. With experience building two successful tutoring companies, he brings a wealth of knowledge in how to maximize impact on student success and focuses on building innovative education tools.

U.S. Internship And Career Director - Terry W. Protto

Mr. Terry W. Protto is a professional executive -- he has served as both President and CEO in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial ventures in the U.S. And china for over thirty years, including President of Norm Thompson Outfitters.

Mr. Protto has been named Global Entrepreneur by INC Magazine and his extensive professional network spans retail, international trade and finance.

Leadership Training Director - Kent Kaufman
Mr. Kent Kaufman is the CEO of The Growth and Leadership Center, and Executive Coach for Korn Ferry International. Formerly, Mr. Kaufman worked at IBM for over 10 years, and has served as executive vice president and ceo of several companies. Mr. Kaufman now provides leadership training and advice to senior management and government officials. He also pays special attention to the development of today's youth, with specifically designed courses for student training in leadership skills.
Life Coach Director - Dr. David Speechly

Dr. David Speechly is an internationally-renowned Life Coach, holding A Ph.D. in Metabolic Physiology and three additional Postgraduate degrees: two in Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology, and an MBA. He has worked with, and for, NYSE- And Nasdaq-Listed Companies, professional sports teams and athletes, and individuals. His clients include NFL & NBA Players, and Fortune 500 Executives from companies such as Audi, PG&E, and Ernst&Young.

BEEC Education China Team

President of China - Hou Huanran
Director of South China Regional Development - Jerry Shi
Vice President of Beijing Market Development - Chelsey Xu
Vice President of Southwest China Market Development - Hu Ge
Marketing Director of BEEC Guangdong - Li Fang