BEEC is facing high-end markets in the United States, China and South Korea, bringing our private resources and providing more opportunities and resources for high-end families in the United States. Our resources are mainly distributed in different industries, such as politics, business, science and technology, education, finance and law. Children's growth cannot be separated from the contact and understanding of the real society, in order to train a person comprehensively.

Recently, some top private high schools and private universities in the United States have proposed A New Model. Its main contents include: Analytical and Creative Thinking, Complex Communication-Oral and Written, Leadership and Teamwork, Digital and Quantitative Literacy, Global Perspective, Adaptability, Initiative, and Risk-Taking, Integrity and Ethical Decision-Making, Habits of Mind.


Whether this new model can be implemented or not, it represents the new trend and connotation of top education in the United States. All our services are designed to better adapt to the latest high-end educational trends and truly grow a person. At the same time, top educational institutions and the job market will select talents according to these aspects. Therefore, BEEC spares no effort to develop and bring our private resources to your children so that they can take the lead and grow up in an all-round way. BEEC's comprehensive nurturing services include:


Research opportunities for professors in private universities.


Private American government and corporate internship opportunities.


Private leadership sublimation services.


Private Life Mentor Service.