More than a teacher but not a coach—mentors are the key to success for the world’s most renowned CEOs, professionals and government leaders. Resourceful families have the awareness that their child needs a personalized education plan, tailored to the student’s unique characteristics and potential, to grow up smoothly and successfully. BEEC's experienced and passionate team has accumulated decades of experience in education and other fields, to properly cultivate and inspire a student’s studies, personal growth and career future. Through our Mentorship service, students can define their career development direction, customize their academic future, optimize curriculum planning, reinforce academic shortcomings, strengthen communication and social skills, deepen cultural understanding, enhance personal leadership understanding and skills, and develop healthy habits of dealing with stress and personal motivation. Under the guidance of our educational theory and Mentor team, BEEC’s Mentorship service has brought comprehensive life design and quality improvement to students in America and around the world. For more information, see the service page.


At BEEC, we approach applying to an American school as a truly comprehensive and creative process. It is essential for the student to show their strengths, well-rounded nature and also unique personal characteristics. Therefore we develop an individual ‘brand’ for each student, so that each application has a consistent theme that is reinforced by relevant extracurricular activities, essays and coursework. To deliver such an application requires experience, creativity, and the knowledge and resources of various academic majors and professional backgrounds. Our team is uniquely equipped to provide students with truly customized application planning and execution. We also make it a priority to match students to the school that truly fits their professional and academic goals, as well as their personality. A better rank is not always a better fit. For more information, see the service page.


Student performance on standardized tests, such as SAT, ACT, GRE, TOEFL, etc., are mostly determined by two parts: first, test-taking strategies, and second, actual knowledge base. BEEC recognizes the importance of both factors. Our experience has proven that solid baseline knowledge is fundamental to higher test scores, and that is an important initial goal. Next, however, is a fine-tuning and mastery of the specific test’s requirements and question types. According to the student’s specific conditions, learning characteristics, personal learning style, and even personality characteristics, we provide customized standardized test and academic tutoring. BEEC helps students at every level, believing all students can succeed with the right support. For more information, see the service page.


Our ultimate goal of BEEC’s work with students is long-term growth and Wellness. We maintain this focus in part due to the distress and confusion of the parents and students we have met through our history as educators. If we can think beyond associating education with applying to a specific school, then a student can grow more healthily and with more purpose.  Thus, BEEC provides opportunities for students outside of traditional mentorship and application services. These services include private leadership training, life coach services, nutritional and physical health counseling, internship and career development, one-to-one professor research opportunities for University professors, and internship placement in private companies and public institutions. In this way we connect students with greater resources that are otherwise unavailable to the public.  For more information, see the service page.


BEEC cooperates with many institutions in the United States, China and South Korea,  providing customized consulting plans to fit their needs. BEEC relies on its network of contacts and resources across many industries in the United States, such as education, investment, finance, law, science and technology, to bring real value to our partners, thereby contributing to win-win results. Whether our partners are a new international school in need of a turn-key curriculum and faculty solution, or an education company in need of a strong education provider team, we aim to provide value to our partners. In addition, BEEC provides rich professional training to private organizations and governments. BEEC has years of experience in cooperation with various institutions, including schools in the United States, China and South Korea, education companies, education investment funds, technology enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, legal institutions, etc. No matter who we work with, we provide clear diagnostics, proposals and execution for smooth, efficient and high-quality results. For more information, see the service page.