Going to college is truly a milestone for any student, and the time spent there is transformative and a great influence in that student’s life. Undergraduate admissions is a process of holistic consideration. Requirements include standardized test scores and submission of a high school transcript which are undoubtedly important, but the difference makers between rejection and acceptance often lie in the other factors. These include extracurricular activities, recommendation letters and essays—which must not only be executed well but presented in a way to maximize impact. Before any of that may begin though, we must help students further understand themselves. If we believe students applying with clear goals and a ‘theme’ are more successful in admissions, then we must help students to discover who they are what they truly want. In this way, students may present themselves as a total ‘person’ who admissions officers want on campus, rather than an applicant vying for a spot in the next year’s class. We have refined our creative design process for this purpose: to enable students to deeply understand and project significant aspects of their character, and make clear the direction of future development. Beyond how to maximize application results, we also work with our students to match them with the college that best fits them on a personal level. Academic considerations are only one factor when considering schools across the geographical spectrum, public vs private, big vs small, and other social aspects. We are proud of the success of our students—in admissions and as they mature and pursue their dreams in the world.