Each year we receive many inquiries about applying to Graduate School, which naturally becomes a conversation about career planning. The key difference to applying for graduate school than undergraduate programs is that the shift from schools wanting to understand who you are, to what you want to do. For undergraduate admissions, the main essay is called a ‘Personal Statement’, while for graduate school it is called a ‘Statement of Purpose’. In addition, the selection committee for graduate school is often departmental professors rather than full-time admissions officers. Work experience and research can be great influencers on applications. So before we can begin school selection, we must deeply understand the student’s professional goals in pursuing a Masters. Then we can select the programs that suit their goals best. Whether it is an MBA or Masters in Environmental Engineering, we have helped students across the spectrum to successfully apply. We also have experience helping students apply to Ph.D. programs, which pay more attention to research experience, research direction, and research ability. At the same time, doctoral programs also attach great importance to students’ personality. After all, a Ph.D. candidate may take five years to complete the program, and the Professor guiding you must believe you will not make him or her go crazy.

When applying for graduate school, we first tackle the question of: why do you want to go to graduate school? And then make specific career plans for students to develop their academic focus and future development. The successful experience of BEEC’s Mentors in various industries, together with our contacts in the academic circle, not only is critical in career planning, but also providing unique opportunities for students.