Starting from the eighth grade:

  • The child will receive a six-person private Mentor team composed of a Personal Mentor and five Special Program Mentors, while the BEEC Education Strategy Team will directly guide and support the six-person team of the student.
  • Every week, the student will meet with their Mentor either in-person or online, building understanding and trust with the student for communication and guidance.
  • Under the guidance of the BEEC Strategic Team, the Personal Mentor formulates a regularly updated annual plan, targeting academic weaknesses in the student, improvement in advanced English literature reading and analysis, and deepening the student’s cultural understanding.
  • Each month, one of the student’s Special Program Mentors will meet for targeted guidance on training, ranging from academic and extracurricular planning, to career planning, leadership training, motivation and emotional state adjustment, and nutrition and health counseling.
  • Parents and children can easily stay in touch with their Mentor team through electronic communication covering, email and messaging apps, as well as through our online student account management system. Families also receive monthly progress reports each month.